We believe education is a fundamental right of every global citizen and the foundation to an equitable society. Teachers on Wheels is dedicated to help people of all ages from low socio economic regions to gain prosperous lives through quality education and skills training.

Teachers on Wheels

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children globally not achieving literacy and numeracy proficiency

children worldwide live in Central or Southern Asia

of worldwide children who can’t read proficiently live in Central or Southern Asia

of poor children in India do not go to school

What we do

Making education accessible to all

Teachers on Wheels is a nonprofit charitable organization serving communities in the United States, Australia and Southern Asia

We believe that improving literacy and numeracy levels in children and adults is fundamental to a better quality of life.

We work in partnership with local leaders to identify the communities that need our services the most.

We plan to launch our first Teachers on Wheels mobile classroom to support rural areas around 60 miles (100 kms) from Bangalore, India.

Our mobile classrooms will travel to remote villages where access to education is often limited and illiteracy levels are high.

Meet a student

Meet Ram

Over 70% of people in the developing countries live in the rural regions. Everyday people are moving away from the farms looking for jobs in cities often with no educational background.

Ram moved from Northern India looking for a job in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore. He found a job as a cleaner in a restaurant for an exchange of free boarding and lodging. Teachers on Wheels, India was able to offer regular evening classes through the local teachers’ network to improve his literacy and numeracy skills with the goal of providing Ram the foundation for a future career.

Join us and help people like Ram to take the next step in their life’s journey for only $30 a month for our teachers to provide 3 hours of one-to-one coaching and skills training a week.

I thought I made a mistake by moving to a big city from my village in Bihar. I was put in contact with this NGO who found me a job as a cleaner in a restaurant. Today I am a trained cook with a secure job and more confident to face the world.


A Teachers on Wheels student

My husband was an Auto Rickshaw driver, he was the only source of income for my family. I can boldly say that the financial support and ongoing visits by the Teachers on Wheels staffs was the reason for turning my family situation around.


A Teachers on Wheels student
Meet Jayanthi

A recently widowed Jayanthi was forced to take up a home based business in sewing and catering service to support her school going children.

Teachers on Wheels, India was able to connect Jayanthi with skilled people to help her establish the business and provide ongoing training on business skills.

Meet Abdul

Losing his father, at a very young age, the twelve year old Abdul was forced to take up his father’s job as a vegetable hawker. He had to support his four younger sisters and an uneducated mother.

The evening mentoring program by Teachers on Wheels, India taught Abdul the importance of numeracy and literacy to help managing purchases and understand cash flow for his business.

Teachers on Wheels helped me with the basic reading, writing and math skills. I am able negotiate with wholesalers and sustain the business after two challenging years.


A Teachers on Wheels student