A global network of people who care

At Teachers on Wheels we are proud of our diversity and shared passion to help others. Our management team, staff and volunteers come from all walks of life and are located on 4 continents, representing a dozen nationalities and various faiths. This diversity of thought helps us better understand the needs of the communities we serve.

Management Team

Our Board and Management Team is made up of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate to inspire others through knowledge.

Denis Jacobi
President & Cofounder

Denis has extensive experience in leading global teams for Fortune 500 technology companies in Silicon Valley. Denis has lived and worked in Europe, USA and Australia.
Chris Anthony
Board Member & Cofounder

Chris is an experienced leader well versed in setting up and leading global teams for top high tech companies in Australia, Europe and Asia.
Catherine Jackson
Advisor to the Board

Cathy Jackson has over 30 years of experience in the education sector. During her long tenure, she has experienced many changes in technology and educational methodology.
George Zajko
Advisor to the Board

Originally trained as a physicist, George has been the Head Teacher of Information Technology in Technical Colleges NSW for 10 years, and a technical teacher for 29 years.

Our Staff & Volunteers

Our passionate staff and volunteers come from all walks of life and are located around the world, helping in many different ways.

Jose Bustamante
Volunteer - Project Management
Violet Braganza
Director, India Operations
Markus Froehder
Volunteer - IT Operations
Join us and make a lasting difference.